God Delivers No Matter What Print
Sunday, 22 August 2010 00:00

40:26 Minutes

"And when God delivers it makes no difference what you've done, or what you haven't done, how good you are, how you aren't very good, how you don't know a lot of things or all the things you do know. Or all the people you know. Or how you were born even if you were born even if you were born with parts missing. It makes no difference. "

"The man knew nothing more than his name, what he did and that was it and he got delivered. Why? He just believed, that's all. He accepted it. No more no less."

"That's always required. He believed, he trusted him. How difficult was it? I'll tell you how difficult it was. He never read in his life. He didn't know how to read, the man was illiterate. Because he believed what he heard, Jesus Christ speaking the words from God."

"God will deal with you individually. If that woman had gone and taken herbs instead of chemotherapy she'd be dead. If the other woman who got healing by being prayed for took chemotherapy she'd be dead. But yet each did what God told them to do and they are alive now."

"Would you not say that Jesus Christ had an exciting life? Yeah! Well that's the way he lived, committed to God."

"When a person's dead they have no ability to do anything. They lack all ability and it was at that point that God gave life to the Lord Jesus Christ after He had been dead for seventy-two hours, buried."

John 8:56-59
John 9:1-38
Mark 6:1-6
II Kings 5:1-14
Mark 9:14-29
I Timothy 1:12-13
Romans 4:17-25
Romans 5:1-2